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My friend Ian was a really quiet kid in high school, when I met him. I never remember him being ridiculous or crazy, just always a quiet and highly sarcastic kid. In college he sort of went buck wild- Tucker Max wild. Every weekend he usually has some story, usually of the sexual nature, and I always end up laughing for a good 2o minutes over them. I figured that I needed to chronicle these for posterity- in about 5 years when he is married to some L.L. Bean-wearing bitch I will remind him of these nights.

Ian: did i tell you i lost my debit card this past friday?

Ian: like…i had NO idea where it had gone

Ian: it was gone, lost, nada, cancelled, ordered a new one

Ian: the girl who went down on me that night took it!

Ian: she like…must have freakin opened my wallet and taken it out

Me: i was about to joke that you left it with the hooker

Ian: i don’t think she meant to steal it, but i saw her at the bar last night and she handed it to me and was like ‘…um, i found this in my laundry’

Ian: but i would definitely pay twenty bucks for a bj of that quality

Ian: hahahah the next night, listen to what i said to her

Ian: i don’t remember saying this, but i was mildly blacked out

Ian: i said to her something like ‘listen, come back to my place. i’m too drunk and tired to have sex, but if you’re willing to go down on me i think we can work something out’


Ian: and the girl i had sex with last night, i made her sleep in tyler’s bed… because she wouldn’t shut up and let me go to sleep… i woke up and was like ‘yessss, she isn’t here’… then i looked at tyler’s bed and remembered


Ian: another girl, whom i had hooked up with earlier this semester

Ian: she’s french

Ian: i saw her at a party last night, and she threw 4 cups of water at me

Ian: like…in anger, in front of everyone else


Last night our college hosted an intersting discussion between Daniel Levy and As’ad Abu Khalil. I’ve been reading As’ad’s site- the Angry Arab- for quite some time. He is a strong promoter for the Palestinian cause and has been given the nickname “The Angry Arab” for suitable reasons. I believe I walked into the discussion with a bias, although I did try to research Mr. Levy beforehand. I strongly wanted to question both of them on their views towards the future of the Israeli state, and had done a bit of research on both of their stances.

 I had run into As’ad earlier in the afternoon while walking Willa. I think he was surprised that I recognized him, but he also was afraid of Willa. Would love to have spoken with him more then, but he was practically running down the block to get away from my loveable, sweet puppy.

As a part of my Politics of the Middle East class, we were invited to a dinner beforehand with the speakers and other noteable guests. I sat at a table with a few classmates, noticing that As’ad was at the next table over. Daniel Levy was late to the dinner and was seated across the table from me- an incredibly handsome but seemingly distracted man. He seemed nervous, worrying about his cell phone, his napkin. I was eager to speak with him, but one of his first lines blew me away: “I see that our other guest is not wearing a tie, so I do not feel the need to wear mine.” He removed his tie, and unbuttoned the top button on his shirt in one of the rudest introductions I have ever seen. During the course of dinner I felt as though I was trying to get a sense of his political standing. I knew that he was incredibly leftist, but not much beyond that. He instead seemed more worried about the pending discussion, asking us how we thought he should argue, joking (I think) that he should concede off the bat. He did point out that they had many similar views, something I found entirely refreshing. My friend instead decided to ease him up and bring the conversation around to nightlife in DC compared to Tel-Aviv (he prefers Tel-Aviv, “people life as if they are dying tomorrow”). I think my personality clashed with his- he had his arm around Shri’s chair and that action itself seemed incredibly unorthodox.

The discussion was intense. As’ad spoke first for his allotted 30 minutes, discussing largely the media portrayal of Lebanese and Israelis. He also spoke about the way the American government view each, both in the past and the present. As he spoke he grew increasingly intense, and he began reciting important numbers: how many times Hezbollah crossed the blue line (100) compared to how many times the Israelis crossed (11,782).  I truly loved one of his saddest lines: I hope you are not surprised that we count our dead.”

Mr. Levy spoke next. I tried to take notes, but his points seemed flurried, confused. He began saying that he had four points, but digressed into a story. My notes consist of simple phrases: “political instability”, “threat perception on Israeli side”, “two-state solution – hopeful outlook.” It is not that I was frugal with my notes, but more that he seemed to be making different, unconnected statements. I believe I also began to lose track of his points because, as he increasingly exceeded his time limit As’ad’s facial expressions became more telling. He looked terribly disintrested, eyes scanning the room. I even thought that he was making eye contact with me a few times (which he later told me he did). He even started fanning himself with his papers- though I must admit the room was a sauna. When Mr. Levy finished speaking, As’ad pointed out that Daniel had spoken for an hour, whereas the time limits were expected to be a half hour each with a half hour for questions. I thought this was interesting also because, at dinner, I had warned Daniel that As’ad was called the Angry Arab for a reason. He joked to me, “should I just allow him the whole time and let him speak for entertainment?” It was also interesting because As’ad was given the template for a reaction to Daniel’s time, and had drawn up various points that he wanted to, for lack of a better word, attack. 

During the question and answer session, a kid behind me posed a question. Daniel took the microphone and proceeded to react to As’ad’s comments, and then after answered the questions. When the next question was posed, As’ad took the microphone and reacted to Daniel’s questions. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or not, because in some respects it was funny. But it also hit me that these were two Leftist men at an intellectual discussion and they were unable to hold their anger.

I enjoyed meeting As’ad again after the talk. He joked about Willa- that she was attempting to murder him but that I did not realize it. He is an incredibly pleasant man when not angry, although I do think he is angry a lot of the time.

We chatted quickly through email last night, and I am sure that I will continue to read his site.

Perhaps I will even write later about today’s events?

Am in major need of sleep. Tuesday night my friend Owen came over at 1 in the morning and we cooked pasta and hung out until 3 something. Still didn’t go to sleep until 5 or so and then woke up at 8. I had an experimental social psychology midterm due today, which I of course didn’t start until last night around 8 pm. Pulled that beautiful college experience of an all-nighter. Went for a run this morning to wake myself up before class.

Class was a lot of fun; I have been really enjoying the fact that the people in it are really intelligent but can still make cracks (especially towards social constructionism). Afterwards, met Nick for water ice, then stopped at the liquor store and bought a large bottle of wine. Took Willa for a walk down to the river, and have since settled into the couch watching Lost, drinking this wine, and angrily emailing ex-boyfriends. Two glasses of wine gets me drunk, I am a lush.

I just came home from a mightily disgusting advanced statistics exam (I can analyze car weight as a function of country of origin!) and was planning on spending a few blissful hours with my new Lost DVDs and a large cosmopolitan. Terrible, I know, but I happened to find a bottle of Stirrings Cosmopolitan mix in my car (thankfully Meredith left it there from Christmas break- is that gross that I was planning on drinking it?). Yes it may seem tacky, but I needed this disgusting devil of a drink. Came into my apartment, threw my books on the table and delicately placed this bottle alongside them. The next thing I know, everything is covered in this sickly sweet red juice. Everything. It is everywhere- on my carpet, in my purse, on my books, on my dog, and on my jeans. I want to cry. My first instinct was to rush to the website of my favorite know-all guru, Martha Stewart. I’m practically screaming at the computer to clean my carpet. Martha quickly teaches me how to clean it all up (sopping up the stains with soapy water) and voila! One hour, two rolls of paper towels, a half hour or so of tears, and my carpet no longer looks like I murdered someone.

You know all of those people that say to look for the good in every situation? I look for the worse. I realized, of all things, that I jumped to clean my carpet before even worrying about my beautiful (read: tacky) bottle of Cosmo mix or my sexy red J. Crew bag or even my beautiful pants. No, my carpet. I truly am a soccer mom in training.

Worse yet, I opened my freezer after the cleaning process and realized I didn’t even have vodka to make these damn Cosmos. But hell, I have tequila.


I do not understand you. I’m all about the vegetarianism and endorse animal adoption. I’m against the shiteousness that is fur coats. Most (some) of the time I agree with you. This, however, does not make sense. You want to kill this adorable, cute ass baby polar bear? Seriously, look at these pictures.

Extra cuteness points because his name is Knut, which rhymes with cute. This is so sweet, I will be pissing honey all day.



I used to have one of these journals back in high school, but I deleted it somewhere in the midst of coming to college. I miss the idea of having one.

I’m  not even sure if I’ll have anything interesting to say, but probably just links and lists and things to sort out my life. And of course my dog. And so on.

Some things about me: I’m finishing up college with a Psych degree. My college is smack in the middle of farm land, so there is not much civilized about the area. I grew up in suburbia outside of Philly so I’m accustomed to terrible driving, shitty diners, and great sports teams. I’m sort of complex when it comes to the femininity-masculinity spectrum.  My friend Ian once described me as the type of girl who can go hiking and then drive to get a manicure. My friend Alie refers to my clothes as my “costumes”, that I can wear just about anything and fit its personality.

Other things that I love right now:

1. My dog.

2. Lost. I’ve become addicted, and yes, I understand that the show makes absolutely no sense. Polar bears? The hatches? Sexy Sayid hooking up with that blonde bimbo?

3. Forensics. Anything forensics, any show dealing with forensics. They could be digging DNA samples out of a ten year old corpse and I’m enthralled.

4. An old friend sent me the link and got me hooked. Sort of the who’s-literary-penis-is-bigger.

 I guess that’s really all for now.