I used to have one of these journals back in high school, but I deleted it somewhere in the midst of coming to college. I miss the idea of having one.

I’m  not even sure if I’ll have anything interesting to say, but probably just links and lists and things to sort out my life. And of course my dog. And so on.

Some things about me: I’m finishing up college with a Psych degree. My college is smack in the middle of farm land, so there is not much civilized about the area. I grew up in suburbia outside of Philly so I’m accustomed to terrible driving, shitty diners, and great sports teams. I’m sort of complex when it comes to the femininity-masculinity spectrum.  My friend Ian once described me as the type of girl who can go hiking and then drive to get a manicure. My friend Alie refers to my clothes as my “costumes”, that I can wear just about anything and fit its personality.

Other things that I love right now:

1. My dog.

2. Lost. I’ve become addicted, and yes, I understand that the show makes absolutely no sense. Polar bears? The hatches? Sexy Sayid hooking up with that blonde bimbo?

3. Forensics. Anything forensics, any show dealing with forensics. They could be digging DNA samples out of a ten year old corpse and I’m enthralled.

4. Goodreads.com. An old friend sent me the link and got me hooked. Sort of the who’s-literary-penis-is-bigger.

 I guess that’s really all for now.