Am in major need of sleep. Tuesday night my friend Owen came over at 1 in the morning and we cooked pasta and hung out until 3 something. Still didn’t go to sleep until 5 or so and then woke up at 8. I had an experimental social psychology midterm due today, which I of course didn’t start until last night around 8 pm. Pulled that beautiful college experience of an all-nighter. Went for a run this morning to wake myself up before class.

Class was a lot of fun; I have been really enjoying the fact that the people in it are really intelligent but can still make cracks (especially towards social constructionism). Afterwards, met Nick for water ice, then stopped at the liquor store and bought a large bottle of wine. Took Willa for a walk down to the river, and have since settled into the couch watching Lost, drinking this wine, and angrily emailing ex-boyfriends. Two glasses of wine gets me drunk, I am a lush.