I was going to write a post yesterday, but it probably would have consisted of one long scream. My thesis experiment just got approved on Monday- after a good deal of drama and begging. For various reasons I couldn’t even begin experimentation this week. I went to reserve rooms for next week and the Psychology rooms were blocked up for all of next week too. I was pretty close to breaking down at this point, but finally pulled myself together and found a room on campus that fits all of my requirements. My hours of testing are going to be pretty weird and I have to be sure that nobody spills alcohol or gets sick, but otherwise I think I can pull it all off. I have all of my materials, but I am really nervous that I won’t get enough participation. After all, the entire experimental group is on volunteer participation. I can at least get my control ( under 21) from the General Psychology group.

I’m seriously looking forward to this weekend. I had a great talk with Shereef last week and he asked about plans for this weekend. We originally planned to get a group of us together on Friday, but I felt like it would be too much drama. I’m instead going to spend a night out with two of my very best girls (Beck and Meredith) going out to dinner and seeing a movie, or even going salsa dancing (Mer insists, we’ll see). On Saturday I plan on spending some time cleaning up my Mom’s study as a surprise. It has sort of accumulated a lot of mess- my books, some of her clothes, things that our cleaning lady doesn’t know what to do with. It will be a nice surprise when she and my dad get home from Florida on Sunday. Saturday night I am spending with my “boys”- Shereef, Ian, and Dave. I always love hanging out with these guys because our sense of humor is just on par. They are all absolutely brilliant, but I feel as I connect with each one a little differently. And I like that. I’m not really sure what will end up happening because there really is no predicting it. We could end up sitting around drinking and talking politics, or end up at a bar with Ian chasing every tail he sees and Dave singing karaoke. Whatever the case, I’m sure it will be fun.

Sunday, Easter, will be family time. My brother has to work until 5 and my parents won’t be home from Florida until mid-afternoon, so I’m meeting my Oma and Aunt and Uncle for lunch. I absolutely love my Oma, she is just a sweetheart. But things have felt tense between my aunt, uncle and I lately. I’m not really sure why, and maybe I am completely off base, but it always feels as if my aunt is jealous- either of me or of my mother. My mom was always the “good kid” and my aunt as a lot more like me, getting in bits of trouble but generally being good. Her oldest daughter barely made it through high school and moved out midway through high school to live with various boyfriends. At college I live 3o minutes away from them, but have seen that cousin only once a year or so. Usually at Christmas dinner when she stops by for a quick meal only to then rush off with her redneck (driving pickup truck, wearing camo, hunts for their dinners) boyfriend. She is a sweet girl. But my aunt always weirdly talks about how I look more like her than my own mom (it’s true), and that I act more like her than my own mom (again, true). My mother once said that my aunt feels as if her children should have been like me.

After what should be a mildly tense afternoon, my tanned parents and chef brother will be meeting up with my Oma and me for Easter dinner. I haven’t seen my parents in two weeks, and have only had a quick phone call with my brother, so it will be really good to see them. I adore my family- they really are amazing people and I love being around them. My mom is brilliant, strong, and has my same dislike for ever being wrong. My dad is probably the funniest guy I’ve ever met, so goofy and silly. And my brother is such a hard worker. He’s been through a lot and I know he still struggles, but he’s come a long way.

After that will be back to school for another week of hell, but will be nice to break away and relax, even if just for a few days.