Last weekend I was home for Easter. Maybe because I associate school with so much stress recently, but I’ve increasingly enjoyed returning home. Because it was a holiday, a few of my good friends were home. We had originally planned to go out as a giant group on Friday, but Ian’s plans changed and I was wary of the way they would all interact. To avoid drama we split between two days. On Friday I went out with Meredith and Becky- Meredith and I met up the instant she got home from college. She has been steadily busy with her research and preparation for vet school at Texas A&M. I’m seriously proud of her- she has wanted to be a vet since I’ve met her and she’s worked hard to make that happen. I am envious of the fact that she knows exactly what she wants to do; very few people are that lucky and I don’t think I’m one of them. Rebecca was spending some time with her boyfriend that afternoon before we met up, so Meredith and I went shopping. Was very relaxing, just walking through stores and talking. We picked up Rebecca and went out to dinner, this local chain restaurant. Started with a few cocktails- I had some red bull and vodka drink that might have been a bad idea. Afterwards we went back to Mer’s to change and make plans- Meredith was set on going dancing and Rebecca and I sort of shrugged along. To be honest I wasn’t all that excited- these types of bars/clubs aren’t really my thing, nor had I really brought along the right attire. We drove across to Grape Street Pub in Manayunk but couldn’t find a parking spot for the life of us. I was sort of relieved, I feel like I turn different into these types of bars and I just don’t feel all that comfortable. Our friend Drew from high school had called Meredith, told us to meet him at a bar over in New Jersey, so we decided to do that instead. It was sort of a sports bar type place, more my style than I had been expecting for the night. We had a lot of fun, sat around with a few of Drew’s friends and drank before heading home.

On Saturday I did a lot of writing, met up with Alie to do a bit of shopping and catching up, then met up with my boys as I had planned. I went to pick up Dave at his apartment near Drexel, then we drove to meet Shereef at this nice little pub- Chaunceys? Chauncers? Whatever it was, I was in love. The pub didn’t look like much from the outside, but inside it was dimly lit, with carved wooden walls and Morrocan style lights hanging over each table. I ordered a tapas plate for dinner and we sat drinking very good beer, listening to indie music that they played, and talking. Shereef has an amazing job- one that he is growing old of I think- working with energy. He goes rock climbing after work, spends a lot of time with his adopted dog Max. Dave is an engineering major, about to graduate in June. He has already accepted a position in Germany next year, and accepted a position for the following year working with nuclear submarines in South Carolina. They are both brilliant in their own respects and I loved catching up with them. We finished our drinks and met up with Ian over at World Live Cafe- Ian is, as I’ve posted before- a strange combination of brilliance and goofiness. We spent the evening watching the band play, dancing in our seats, and drinking. I had this strange realization as we were getting ready to go about how rare times like these would be from here on out. Ian, Dave and I are getting ready to graduate and Shereef is planning on studying in other places- was looking at a college in Amherst. It’s both very scary and very exhilarating at the same time.

On Sunday I went to brunch with my aunt, uncle, cousin and Oma. It was sort of strange- We were going to Lambertis, but my Oma and I were the only ones who dressed accordingly. And my aunt made a snap at one point that I looked “overtly executive.” I also felt a little bit strange over brunch. Our table was situated next to the giant windows overlooking the lakes and waterfalls. While my Oma was up, my cousin pointed out the fact that two ducks were mating in the water. My aunt, uncle, and cousin seemed to think this was hilarious, began laughing wildly and making jokes. I laughed along, but wasn’t really sure how to deal. I think I would have been embarrassed had the restaurant been more busy.

That afternoon my parents returned home from holiday in Florida, was very good to see them. I had made Easter dinner reservations last minute for my parents, brother, and Oma. It was relaxing- we were seated next to the fireplace and had a very good dinner.

The next morning  I was packing to return to school and couldn’t find my new sunglasses anywhere. I had just gotten them on Saturday, knew I had placed them on the countertop. I asked my brother, and he got incredibly angry at me. Said that I always blame him when I lose the things that “Daddy buys me”, that I am spoiled, called me several other names. We’ve never really gotten along, and the rift has sort of opened when I went to college. My parents pay for a lot of my things, mostly because they know that I am really busy with schoolwork and that I try hard at it. But my brother dropped out of college, instead chose to go to culinary school. He is living at home still, and so my parents require that he pays for his own things and have a job. I do understand both sides of the spectrum, where he sees me getting more attention from them. But I also see my parents side of it- that he has had problems with drugs, stealing, and drinking in the past, that he has been in a bit of legal trouble, and that they are doing their best to hinder that. He slammed the door in my face after this argument. I called my father on the drive back to school to tell him. Later that evening, while my brother was at work, my parents found my glasses in his room.