Brian came to visit me this weekend, he’s never seen my college or apartment so he wanted to do so before I left it all behind. I ran experiments all day Friday, then ran home to meet up with him around 7. We walked down to the river and had dinner at a restaurant overlooking it- I made him get everything with crab in it. We walked the long way through town back to my apartment to decide what to do. Decided on a bar, walked all the way there, and I realized I didn’t have my ID. All the way (four blocks) back home, then back to the bar. It was the yuppie/artsy bar in town, terribly packed. Took me a half hour just to get four beers (I ordered two for each of us just because it took so damn long). We argued politics with a stranger, ran into other people, then headed back for the night. In the morning we took a long walk around town and I showed him the college. We walked to get breakfast at a coffeeshop- I had a great lemon poppyseed muffin and a melange, made perfectly!- and then walked to the farmer’s market in town. Had a great visit with him, always love seeing him.

 After he left I thought I would try to get a quick nap, but woke after fifteen minutes to my ringing phone. Steve called, was in town for the weekend. I hardly see him anymore since he transferred colleges, so I ran to meet up with him and some of his fraternity brothers at another bar in town. We sat and talked over pitchers of Blue Moon. Dawson came in with his new girlfriend, I felt a bit bad when she introduced herself to me. Seemed like a sweet girl, hope he will not do to her what he’s done to so many others. The guys all got to talking about their fraternity alumni dinner that evening, and Steve asked me to come as his date. I agreed, but that only gave me a half hour to get dressed for a formal dinner. I came back and threw on my black Ralph Lauren dress- the one my grandmother calls my Jackie O. dress- and simple pearls and pumps. The dinner wasn’t as interesting, and the food wasn’t terribly tasty. I had a meak salad, a baked potato, and moderately cooked green beans. Steve and I ducked out rather quickly, had our friend Tyler pick us up. We stopped back at my house to let me change, then the three of us when back to that artsy bar downtown. I had a great time there, with the alumni fraternity members buying me drinks for most of the night. The bar closed around 1:30, so a few of the fraternity brothers decided to head to Nat and Lars’ house a few blocks away. Steve wanted to get cigarettes, so we ran a few blocks over to get them, promising to meet up in a few minutes with everyone else. We ran into the  local homeless man on the way, who sang us Beatles songs. I gave him a couple of bills, Steve gave him some change. Tojo asked Steve if he had any more change, to which Steve said “You got any more songs?”

We continued back towards Nat and Lars’ place, had to cross through a muddy field to get there. Halfway through the field we heard blood-curdling screaming. I look over at Steve, who says “I don’t think they’re in trouble”. The woman then screamed “HELP!” I took off running across the field, losing one of my shoes in the mud. I get across the field and am blocked by a six-foot tall wire fence. On the other side of the fence, the ground drops down into a ditch full of brambles, and then there is a road on the other side. The screaming woman is lying in the road, a car with its headlights on is in the ditch. I call to her and ask if she’s alright, she keeps screaming “THEY’RE DEAD! DO YOU KNOW CPR?” I tell her I do, ask her to go call 911. She gets up and runs into a nearby house, slamming the door. I jump the fence, ripping my jeans on the way. Push through the brambles, bloodying up my arms and face on the way. It is raining, and the windows of the car are fogged up, so I pull the door open, expecting to be pulling the people out. Whoever is inside pulls the door back closed, then rolls down the window. The guys are fine- in fact they are two of the fraternity alumni that we were drinking with at the bar. One of them gets out to help me push, Steve shows up after muddying and ruining his suit and helps too. We finally get it out of the ditch, and they offer to drive us back to my place. None of us had any idea about the woman- we can only conclude that she must have had some mental disorder and overreacted to the situation.

I was really annoyed by the situation though. I had ripped my favorite jeans, ruined my cell phone when I threw my purse to get to the car, and had lost my shoes. I was telling my mother about all of this later this morning, but she had a different point- that I had reacted well thinking that a terrible accident had actually occurred. She told me that she was proud of me for doing so, and my anger faded.

Although I am still angry that neither of the guys actually thanked Steve or I for responding, nor for pushing their car out of the ditch.