I’ve been pretty much living in the labs this past week finishing up my thesis. It’s due on Wednesday, so I’ve been in a mad rush to finish data analysis and throw together some charts.APA style is terribly particular about every single detail, so I’ve been ravaging over every single page. I really do think it will be a great thesis- I got really strong data out of it and myadvisor had said that it was on par with most Masters theses.

On a worse note, I will not be getting that job I was really hoping for. I got my call back earlier this week after the initial interview and my recruiter was going over all of the information on my application. At one section it asks something like the following:

Have you ever done illegal drugs (and then lists some)?: Yes No

Have you ever smoked marijuana?: Yes No

If yes, when was the last time you smoked marijuana?: Yes No

I mean, of course I have before. The dumb bit is that they don’t give a spot for you to write in the latest time you had done it- it’s all on the computer so you just click one of the two options and it circles it for you. Now, don’t get me wrong on this, I still am under the maximum amount of times that is allowed to have smoked. But I smoked a year ago, and they have a three-year-clean policy. The recruiter actually sounded upset, said that I had been up near the top of the recruiting. It’s a government protection agency and they are strongly recruiting for the upcoming election. Unfortunately I will have to wait two more years for my application to reemerge in their system.

I felt so angry at so many things: myself, the policy, the government’s view of it alltogether. I didn’t really think a year ago that I could have a chance with such agencies, even though it was a dream of mine. I don’t use it so often that it would effect me- hell, studies have shown that it takes a good deal of usage to negatively effect you. A professor at my college can have posters detailing the positive effects of marijuana all over his office walls but I can’t be recruited because of what I did a year ago?

I still have my interview with the NYPD and I’m waiting to hear back from several agencies, but it still really sucks. Anyway, enough procrastinating, back to the thesis.