That boy came over the other night! I was working in the thesis when he sent me a message asking what I was up to. Told him that I was in the labs working, that I was having trouble with data because some of it didn’t match up (someone had used two different identifying numbers, could only figure it out by matching handwriting). He ended up coming over just to help me sort it out… then stayed. Sat down at the computer next to me in the labs and did homework. We ended up not working at all, instead looking at videos online.

Afterwards he asked if I wanted to go grab dinner- I had forgotten to eat all day while stuck in here, so we headed over to the chinese place for takeout. It was closed, so instead we went to the grocery store and got food to cook tacos. Spent the next few hours back at my place cooking and watching a movie. He fed me chips, I fed Willa chips. We we having a good time… until his girlfriend started calling. I think he felt guilty- said something about how she would kill us both- so I drove him back home.

He messaged me later saying we should celebrate my results for my thesis.

Then I got home this morning (was in the labs from 9pm to 3am…) and found a bouquet of flowers (probably picked from peoples’ gardens) sitting outside the door of my apartment.