Had a fairly good day yesterday. Met my friend Nick for breakfast downtown- we got croissants and walked down to the dock on the river, sat there eating and throwing sticks in for Willa. She does these cute belly flops off of the dock and swims like a baby seal. Had a great time just talking with Nick too- at one point he brought up how much he was going to miss me after we graduate. Nick and I have been pretty close for the past few years. I used to spend all of my time with those boys- Steve, Nat, Lars, Nick. I meet up with him atleast once a week for breakfasts or lunches, wish I could keep doing that even after I leave.

I went to the labs to work for a few hours. I’m about 29/30ths done my thesis, just have to figure out how to do one last type of analysis. I downloaded the Pinkerton album on the school computer and must have listened to it three or four times through. Decided it was too nice to stay cooped up, so I packed up and headed back home. Grabbed Willa, threw her in the car and drove out to Cliff City. Windows down, music playing, dog’s ears and lips flapping in the wind. We spent the afternoon with me throwing sticks for her, her bellyflopping in the water and romping with other dogs.

Came back, got a call from Nat. We decided on a night of mojitos, so I jumped in my car again to run to the store- except some kid had drunkenly passed out in the middle of the street. Cops had decided it would be smart to line one whole side of the street with 6- seriously- cop cars and an ambulance, blocking my driveway. I waited for a bit, got a call from some other people saying that they were at Andy’s and were drunk and didn’t want to drive back-I said I’d drive them. Saw a cop returning to her car. I went to go talk to her, asked her if she could just move her car back two feet so I could sneak my car out. She got incredibly angry with me, asked if I was too blind to see that there was a situation occuring. The kid was already standing and walking around, but still needed twenty cops standing around him. I would have gone back to my car, but then she said something like “you damn college kids should take responsibility, this is your fault that he passed out. You and your damn college parties.” I was pretty insulted, pointed out to her that this was a rash generalization and that I had been inside doing homework at the time that he was drinking. And then I pushed it- told her that if she would prefer I not use rash generalizations about cops that she should not use them with me. She started threatening to take me in- which I pointed out that, by law, she could not do. She then referred to me as hippie girl- I guess because my hair was messy-curly, I had ripped jeans and a tank top on, and she pointed to a bumper sticker on my jeep that said “war is not the answer”. Started ranting about how her uncle was over there, how I was disrespecting the soldier and the president, that I had no idea what was even going on politically. I said that she had every right to her own opinion but not to insult me because of mine. She walked away and another cop walked over- I flirted with him a bit and within a minute had him move his car while the other cop glared on.

Had a great night sitting around drinking mojitos and beer with Nat and Lars. We grabbed the trashcan out of their roomate’s room and started a mini bonfire in it. Nat went inside for awhile and I sat talking with Lars, which was really nice. Been sort of worried about him since he left the college, he just seems out of sorts. Was a really relaxing evening though.

Parents are coming down for lunch today, then I might be seeing a movie tonight with that guy.