I had a talk with that guy from class the other night. Basically told him that I like him, but that I know he has a girlfriend so that he should stop treating me the way that he does because it is giving me the wrong impression. I think he was sort of upset by it because he just said “ok, I understand” and we left it at that. I was thinking that that would sort of be the end of our contact, but he messaged me last night to talk. And then after class today he came over while I was packing up and said that he wanted to talk. I’m not sure what to expect out of it, but I don’t want to get tangled up with a guy who is already in a relationship.

Thesis is completely turned in. I think my acknowledgements section is my favorite because I really only mentioned the people who mean the most to me- my parents and brother, my three girls from home, and PK. It’s weird thinking that he probably won’t read it though. I know I’m going to talk to him again, but I just don’t know when. I have to stop myself every few hours from calling him. I think I’m going to end up in New York anyway- My friend Adam and I were talking about getting a place yesterday. He wants to go to John Jay, so we’re both sort of going into the same field. He’d be a lot of fun to live with, and it’s not anything more than just being friends so it would be fine.

My peace conference is also over, even though I still have the 15 to 20 page paper to write. I also have an exam for the class on the same day, so I’m going to be completely burned out this weekend. I figure I will force myself to write a good portion of it tomorrow night, maybe burrow in the labs for a few hours.

I promised tonight that I would hang out with my friend Nat. He called me yesterday to tell me that he got suspended from school. He lives in a house with two other guys- my ex Lars and one of their fraternity brothers Rory. The house is being demolished at the end of the month, so they’ve sort of let it go (more than a bit). I’m not really sure exactly what happened, but Nat shot a hole through Rory’s wall while Rory was away. It seemed pretty funny, Nat covered the gaping hole with some painted plywood boards. Their landlord said that, despite the house being demolished, they would have to repair everything to original condition. Nat planned on doing so. But the other night he and Rory got into an argument. Rory said he was going to move out, Nat told him to go ahead. Rory moved out, called his mother to complain. Then told the school about the hole in the wall incident. The school then had Nat escorted to the Dean’s office, he was officially suspended with the allowance of finishing out the year. Every time he comes to campus he needs to calling Public Safety to notify them of his whereabouts. His water had also been turned off by his landlord so he had been showering at their fraternity house- now he’s going to be coming here every morning to shower.

I feel really bad for him. I mean, the hole in the wall was pretty extreme, but suspending him? Rory’s parents are even considering getting lawyers involved. If Nat gets evicted, he’s coming to live here with me for the remainder of the year. I understand that this is in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings so the school is being wary of guns (they did confiscate his gun), but we live in an area where a good portion of the students have guns- it’s sort of a hunting area. I’m even going with a kid tomorrow when he buys his new rifle.

On a final note, I got my new Ipod today. It looks like this: