Woke up to a phone call from the lovely Jen. She was telling me some crazy story about how she brought home the guy that she’s been sort of dating for awhile, but that she was sobering up and realizing how much she couldn’t stand him. She said that he was obnoxious, that she just wanted him to shut up the whole time. She pretended to fall asleep or something like that, and then in the morning woke early and threw on work clothes, woke him up stammering some story about how she had to get to work. On a Saturday. At 7 or so in the morning. I felt terrible for laughing, imagining how this guy must have realize what was really going on. Oh Jenny…

Fell back asleep, woke up again to my mother calling. To tell me that they bought a new car. Well, not new. My parents both have Ford SUVs, but last month when they were in Florida they were driving around a Sebring convertible. Decided that they wanted one of them, so they up and bought one today. They traded in my first car too because we’ve been looking to sell it and the dealership took it as a downpayment. I don’t really know how I feel about all of this.

Figured that since I was up I’d call Nick and grab brunch. We bought muffins and walked down to the river to eat them. Sat and talked while watching the fishermen on the dock. He told me that he had been over at a friend’s house with Lars, that they had been talking about Nat. Apparently Nat had not even mentioned to Lars that I had been over there the other night, I guess to skip over the fact that he had hit on me. Nick seems to think that Lars would be furious over it.

Went back home, grabbed the pup and walked her down to the river while it was still early. Let her jump of the dock for about an hour (and roll in a pile of dead fish) before heading home. I think I was sort of angry with Nat- I sent Lars a message saying I was going to drop off his sweatshirt. Their house is only about two blocks away, so I grabbed the sweatshirt (which I had borrowed from his room when I was there the other night) and took it over. He was really strange when he answered the door, kind of cold. I asked if Nat was there and he said “Why do you want to see Nat so bad?” I sort of slinked away, went up and hid in the labs for a few hours to work on my politics paper. Then met up with Nick again to watch some tv.

Nine o’clock when Nick dropped me back off at home and I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to meet a friend for drinks. Well, actually a sort of double-date deal. She had met this guy, who wanted his friend to come, so she invited me along as well. He was actually really cute, but I just wasn’t really interested. He and his friend are both in a fraternity at a nearby college, and they just kept telling fraternity stories. Don’t get me wrong, nothing against guys in fraternities, but I was just looking for more than that. Still, I gave him my email address and a hug. Maybe meet up again and if it doesn’t change, just say that I don’t feel anything.

Maybe I’m crazy in this, but looks are pretty much low in my list of characteristics that I’m looking for. I need intelligence, I need humor. I need to feel challenged, I need to laugh. I just didn’t feel it here. PK was instant, the guy from class was instant.