Today was the first day of my last week as an undergrad student. Aptly, it was also one of the busiest that I can remember. I woke up early because Nat was coming over to shower, we talked back and forth and then I took Willa out for a walk to the river. I came back to a message from PK on my computer, quotes he’d found online. I felt weirdly relieved too- I’ve been missing him badly, but I didn’t want to make the first move to talk. But still, I acted cold towards him. I’m not ready to go back to the way things were, and I’m not ready to settle for anything less than an actual relationship. But God did it feel good to have him say how much he’s missed me. I just wish he could follow through on some of this, maybe make a phone call or send an email. In the most far-fetched of dreams, I’d love for him to surprise me with a visit. Or send a letter. Just something that shows care and thought.

I got to German class today after a night of preparing for my presentation only to find that my professor decided to delay the presentations to Wednesday. I just wish I could get it over with. Most days he acts rather harsh towards me- I now know how to tell someone to shut up because he has said it so often to me. Today he was fairly nice, which I guess was in part because we filled out his teacher evaluation today. Stats was a breeze too.

I rushed home quickly to take Willa out for another walk to the river, then ran back to the labs. Spent a good chunk of time on my politics paper due tomorrow, then met up with two guys from my experiment group- the guy is one of them. I don’t know what it is about this guy that makes me like this- Ian supposes that it’s because I can’t have him, that it’s one of the first times I’ve actually been quasi-rejected by a guy (though I like to think it’s only because of his girlfriend). Shot back home to take Willa to the river again, then back to the labs for another chunk of the paper.

This guy from my Politics of the Middle East class came over to study for our final tomorrow. I’m not really sure of what I think of him- he seems like a really nice guy but some of the things he says are just so outlandish. Multiple times he’s told me about this CIA internship he had two years ago, and today he said something about how Ryan Adams stole his girlfriend. He was also genuinely hitting on me which was a little strange. He left around eleven-thirty, I stayed until one finishing up work.

Final note: found this picture when sending puppy pictures back and forth with Mike. Totally made my night.