Got a call from Nat last night, we talked for about ten minutes about how our days were. Sort of strange, something that I would do with a boyfried if I had one. He had just met up with his bike team and was driving back. He ended up calling again around midnight telling me to come over. Lars and Will were there too, we  just sat around the bonfire again talking. My chest starts hurting when I think about the fact that I’m leaving here in two weeks and I won’t be seeing them like this anymore. It did feel sort of strange after Will left though, felt like some weird competition between the two of them. I wonder if Lars knows what Nat said to me? 

I can’t even begin to say how relieved I feel school-wise. I turned in that Egyptian foreign policy paper, our peace conference paper, and had my Middle Eastern politics final yesterday. Felt really good about the exam, I got there an hour early to meet up with Josh to study. One of the girls from our class (aptly I think she’s a drama major) had a nervous breakdown and kept asking for water, then went to talk to the teacher and tell him that she couldn’t take it. Very strange. I know I did really well on it too, the question was basically to explain Carter’s objectives on the Middle Eastern peace initiative leading up to the Camp David Accords.

Today I had my presentation for German class, then ran to meet Nick for lunch. We were talking a lot about the whole Nat-Lars situation, which was added to last night with the underlying competition bit. I figure that I will just ride it out to the end of the school year and then let it dissolve on its own.

Was asked out by this other guy from one of my class. Not sure how I feel about this, I said we would go for drinks but I made it feel friendly, telling him we should invite other people from class. Really nice kid, but it’s the end of the year. Besides, I’m sort of hung up on PK and that guy from my Psych class.

PK has been strange lately, messaging me to tell me that he misses me. I miss him and all, but I can’t really stand his uncertainty. I love him, I absolutely do, but he makes me doubt constantly how he feels. I also am worried that I would make decisions induced by the idea that it would aid our relationship- such as choosing one job over another, moving to NY.