I was talking to that guy from my class the other day online. We have this strange sort of flirtation where it’s obvious that we both are into each other but that it doesn’t ever go anywhere further. I was annoyed that my neighbors were having a party, really because they had some guy on acoustic guitar butchering some classic songs, and jokingly asked him to bring his guitar over and play it. His words to me: “Look lady, I am a weak, weak man. Stop tempting me.” I was sort of taken aback, hadn’t really meant for it to go that far. But then he said, “Tempt me again next weekend, I’ll be drunk by then.”

Wasn’t really sure how to take this. My friends (and I agree with them) think that he is into me but just is incapable of taking it up a notch. He seems to really care about me, even calls me “little one” as a sort of pet name.

We were talking the next day and I invited him to come with me to take the dog swimming. He said he wanted to, that he would meet me at the docks in five minutes, but that he had to meet his sister later. I threw on clothes and drove down to the docks with the dog, was there for an hour throwing sticks into the water for her. He never showed up. When I got home later he said that he had been there but hadn’t seen me and had to meet his sister. I think I’m tired of trying to figure him out, will just let him figure it out.