Anyone who knows me knows that I am a giant dog lover. I love every minute detail about them, even the slobbery, farty, snoring aspects of them. Even the tantrums that Willa throws in the backyard (rolls on her back and refuses to come inside) or the fact that Rios pees whenever he gets excited. I’m even currently spooning with a somewhat sleepy Willa as I type this. My friend Felix always jokes that I am more prone to checking out dog than sexy men.

This is why I melted when I saw this picture. While both dogs are cute, the dog on the right melted my heart a little. I had been trying to find Willa a new collar as she outgrew her other ones. I am usually against the whole dressing-up-the-dog track, though I admit that Rios has sweaters and a sweatshirt for the winter (but he honestly needs them). But this dog is just adorable, pearl necklace and all.