I had a post earlier about my friend Ian, who is this hilariously immature frat-boy type. The other day he had another story for me. I have waited to post it because I keep going back and forth on whether it is actually funny or whether it is disgusting. I was considering editing because of the crude nature, but then I figured that no amount of editing would ever remove that from Ian’s lifestyle. I also hesitate to put a “Friends” tag on this one.

Ian: my god
me: what happened
Ian: well, i’ll tell you what i remember because i blacked out
Ian: and this is the highlight
me: oh god
Ian: brought a chick back
Ian: was fucking her
Ian: tyler and ryan storm in
Ian: ‘fuck this bitch, fuck her right now’ is what they say
me: oh my god
Ian: they jump in bed with her and tear of the covers
Ian: i go and puke a shit ton in the bathroom
me: oh my god
Ian: i come back, she’s crying in the bed
me: oh my god
Ian: and then it becomes fuzzy. i’m assuming she left
Ian: because she’s not here


Ian: i mean fuck bitches, fuck ’em all
Ian: my mom asked me last night if i hated all women
Ian: i said yes
Ian: she said that wasn’t a good philosophy to have, i said i couldn’t help it