Well, we lasted a week. I ended things with PK after a short stint at attempting a real relationship. I really did try, but he didn’t. I’m not sure what he expected out of this, or if he really even expected anything at all. We had made plans last week to see each other this upcoming weekend, but then he disappeared over the weekend. We spoke again earlier this week, but today he was acting strange. I know this strange- he’s either lost interest or he’s met someone else. I asked him this morning if we were still on for this weekend, and he never answered. We talked about other things, but they led to me asking if he had even mentiond to anyone that he was dating me. He didn’t answer that as well, and then stopped talking all together. I know he wasn’t busy at work, but he instead chose to ignore me.

I tried to call him after work, he didn’t pick up (that’s not really unusual for him though). Tried to talk with him again this evening. He blatantly ignored me again. So that’s it. Perhaps it seems like I’m flipping too easily, but he was promising me that things would change. He told me to watch how different things would be. They weren’t. It was his same manipulative lies.

 I don’t know why I keep hoping that a change is possible, or that us working out is possible.

 I really hope that I am not being irrational. I am flaring up so quickly at him, and in a way that scares me.