I have my final due for Experimental Social Psychology by five pm. I tend to procrastinate on most work assignments just because I feel as though I work better with a little bit of stress behind me. This is actually worse than usual because it is the last assignment that I will ever turn in for my undergraduate career in college. I have to answer seven questions, each with a two page essay response. I have perhaps four done currently.

It was not easy yesterday as I spent most of the afternoon and evening talking to The Boy From Class. He was also doing the assignment, so we kept each other company while doing it. He is extremely intelligent and managed to finish rather quickly (and will probably receive an A for the work as well). We both did the same exact thing for our midterm for this class.

Sometime around one in the morning he came over to my apartment. We didn’t really do work, but watched movies and listened to music. I think I’ve been going back and forth trying to discern how he really feels, but last night was fairly clear. Unfortunately, despite the fact that we both like each other, we’re both too shy to actually make a first move. We’ve been on the verge for about three months now and our position has hardly changed. I can’t remember the last time I was so nervous about a guy!

I will be heading back home tonight (I think just for the evening) for the lovely Rebecca’s graduation party. It doesn’t start until at least seven, so I will probably leave here around 5:30 to get home. I had originally planned to drive up to New York on Saturday morning to see PK, but I guess I’m in need of a change of plans. Maybe I’ll come back down to my apartment early to spend time with this guy…