The strangest thing just happened. I got really upset over the whole PK situation and decided that the best remedy would be to drive out to this place about ten minutes from my apartment. It’s this sort of remote beach with an old wooden dock stretching out into the river. There’s a parking lot there, but the place is sort of tucked away behind fields and is only accessible from a one-way road.  I used to go there a lot with the girls that I was friends with here. We’d drive out at night and lay on the dock watching stars and telling secrets. Even after I stopped talking to them, I go out during the day and take Willa swimming there.

cliff-city-1.jpg                              cliff-city-2.jpg

I put Coldplay on loudly, hoping that it would make me cry a little and get this frustration out (it didn’t). When I pulled up in the parking lot, I sat there with the music on and my head against the steering wheel. I was about to scream, just to let it out, when I realized that there was another car in the parking lot and a guy out sitting at the end of the dock fishing. I turned off the music, let the dog out, and let her romp in the water for about a half hour. The guy seemed rather attractive, even from a distance. He looked over at me a few times and even laughed once when Willa belly flopped into the water.

I watched him pack up his fishing gear slowly, then walk along the dock back to the parking lot. When he got to the parking lot I made eye contact with him. He was absolutely attractive, and he stood there looking at me for a second. Then he smiled, looked as if he was about to say something, shook his head, and walked around to the back of his car to load it. I’d had enough of male rejection for the day, so I walked along the coast further to sit on the rocks at the end. About five minutes later I looked up and saw him sitting in his car, still looking at me. He smiled again, and hit the radio on his car. And then he smiled again and waved to me as Coldplay started playing out of his stereo. He turned it up loudly, and I sat there listening for about a minute to the song before he drove away.

Part of me wishes this story ended differently, that he had left his number on my car, or that he came over to talk to me. Maybe that I would run into him on my drive back. But just that brief minute of listening to that song with a total stranger made my day better.