I’m packing up the apartment now. Father and brother are coming down tomorrow to help me move out. Is a bit depressing, have really like living on my own with a gorgeous two bedroom apartment by the river.

Decided to get rid of some things. Took a bundle of things that PK had given me over the past two years over to the post office. As if by fate, “Stars Go Blue” was playing on the radio as they packed all of the things into a box with the mailing address to his place. Put a note in there for him, telling him good luck with everything. Hope/think/believe that this will be the last of him.

Spent a good portion of this afternoon with Nick- he has been fighting all day with his girlfriend, who I’m not so fond of- and he came over to vent. We drove around in cornfields for a bit, then came back to play with the pup in my backyard. Am planning on a visit to Nat and Lars’ new place tonight- will be the last time I see them for a long time, sadly.

Will be heading home tomorrow.