Yesterday was surprisingly fantastic. I say that because I went into it with several of the usual doubts- that I would trip, that I would have an awkward moment with PK- basically that something would go wrong in some embarrassing manner. I wore a gorgeous brown sundress with all gold jewelry- gold and amber earrings that Jenny had made for me one year and a gold wrought bracelet that my Oma had given me (made by her first boyfriend!)- and my gold Italian leather sandals.

My parents came down in the morning and my mom and dad were close to tears. My brother was even smiling quite a bit, which is unusual for him, and my Oma hobbled along with her broken foot. Nick came over too, and then we headed up to the actual ceremony.

We were lined up alphabetically in the hallway of the science buildings and stood there sweating for about an hour. I had a drunken lacross player on one side of me, who incidently was the guy who crashed into my parked car. On the other side of him was this hilarious girl (sort of the obnoxiously blatant lesbian who spoke like an old Jewish woman, if that makes sense). A couple of places down was The Boy From Class. I made eye contact with him and smiled, and he walked over to approach me. He kissed me on the cheek, then told me how much he was going to miss me, that he hoped we stayed in contact, that even with our short time knowing each other he’d come to care for me. I don’t remember what else he’d said because I happily zoned out. He then kissed me on the lips, I placed my hand on his cheek, and he walked back to his place. Very sweet.

When we were walking outside, the two lines of student shifted back and forth so that at one point I was lined up next to one of the girls that I’d been friends with. She put on this false, sing-songy voice and said “Hey!” to me, as if we’d been talking for the past four months. It might have been petty of me, but I simply rolled my eyes and kept walking.

The ceremony itself was beautiful. We came down the double-twisting staircases of the science building to the music of bagpipes, and then walked along the brick pathway. When we reached the end of the brick pathway, the two lines of students separated again onto either sides of the pathway, forming what we jokingly referred to as “the gauntlet”. The bagpipers walked through the middle of the two lines, followed by the professors, and then the line doubled up and followed through the center.

The guy next to me had hidden a bottle of champagne in the folded hood on his arm, so he loudly popped it during the president’s opening speech. We then had quite possibly the worst graduation speaker ever. The guy is apparently famous, having written several books on environmental sustainability. But he was an old man and he droned on and on for about 30 minutes. The worst part of all was the focus of the speech. He talked about how he had grown up during the Depression, but that we were the doomed generation. The entire speech negatively focused on how the majority of the world’s natural resources had been used up while we were alive and that we were basically screwed. He kept throwing random quotes into the mess, beginning and ending with two poems. At one point he said “In conclusion…” and we all started clapping, even though he didn’t end for another five minutes. One of the professors on stage fell asleep and we noticed that the camera-man’s head was against his chest.

Finally they called the names, I didn’t trip and I got quite a bit of cheering from the crowd (even heard a foghorn, though I don’t know who that was). We walked back in our lines to the end of the walkway, saw PK in the crowd though he refused to make eye contact.

Met up with family, took pictures with the Psychology faculty, took pictures with family, took pictures with friends. My aunt gave me a lovely Tiffany’s bracelet.


 We then headed over to a restaurant that my cousin works at to have a celebratory lunch. Being with the family felt great, being a college graduate felt great, having been kissed by The Boy From Class (FINALLY) felt amazing. Seeing PK and not having him say a single word to me? Terrible.