The Boy From Class messaged me last night. He (and his chartreuse-inspired confidence) told me that he liked me, that’d he’d liked me all along, but that he was incredibly shy. He said he wants something to happen between us, which I said I wanted too. I can’t help but get my hopes up, but at the same time I don’t really think anything else will happen between us. He said that he came over hoping that something would happen. When I asked him why he didn’t ever make any sort of move on me, and why he seemingly turned me down, he said that he was just really shy and that he didn’t think that I would seriously go for him. It’s so cute that it kinda makes me like him even more. I had a lot of trouble sleeping after that last night…

Spent my last day here packing. My brother and father drove down to help me pack up my apartment. I’m currently sitting on the remnants… a futon that my old roommate had left here when she moved out. It’s actually the first piece of material that was moved into our apartment, so I spent my first night in this apartment sleeping on it in the exact same place as I am now. It’s sort of scary, but I’m extremely happy to be going home.

A guy that I dated (the one who was the drama behind my split with the girls at college) popped up out of nowhere today. He messaged me without any real purpose, just sort of conversational. We did not have a good break up at all, and the last time we talked I told him never to speak with me again unless he actually had something to say, mainly because I was looking for an apology.

Went out with Nick tonight for my last night here. We drove over to a change-changer, turned all of my laundromat change into forty dollars. Then headed down to see Nat and Lars’ new place. Nat was on some bike ride with his team, so Lars, Nick and I went to one of those terrible chain restaurants to get dinner. Shared banter over mozzarella sticks and huge beers. Went back to their place to watch Beavis and Butthead and then Ace Ventura. I know, mature. Nat finally came back, but I only got to see him for about ten minutes because Nick wanted to head home.

Sort of annoyed at that. This was my last time out with those guys before moving and we had all planned on going out to the bar across the way. But Nick is still in with his girlfriend right now, so being out with me constantly isn’t helping it. Oh well, am sad to go, but am not sad to spend this last night here on a rock-hard futon on the floor of my living room.