I love being home. There is nothing like the feeling of the first few days at home, especially as the stress of school is waning. I’ve spent the past two nights sleeping between my two dogs, and I’ve spent the past days out with friends.

It was sad to leave my apartment. On my first night home my family went out for dinner together at this cute Indian restaurant on the river. We had a great time talking and laughing, drinking Indian beer and eating.

I came home and went for a long walk with Becky around our town. She explained it best when she said that her friends at school never understood why she liked coming home so much, because most of them hated being home. But she said that she tried to explain it as though she had three pieces of her heart back at home, and that she wasn’t complete without those three pieces. The four of us became incredibly close, and it’s most similar to a sisterly bond.

The next day I ferverently attacked the task of organizing my house and bedroom. My family tends to love clutter (mostly thousands of books on every bookshelf possible, and my dad’s love of buying weird presents for my mom- like garden gnomes). So I spent a few hours slaving in the backyard, cleaning off the back deck and the bottom patio, mowing the lawns, weeding the gardens. Every time I get one chore finished I see another that needs to be done. I get like this every time I come home. I have this uncanny urge to clean and de-clutter things.

Then spent the evening again out walking with Becky. We talked about marriage- We both think that after almost six years that she and Justin are close to engagement. I can’t remember a time with Becks talked about marriage, but she seemed truly thrilled to be talking about rings and the church and moving into her parents’ house.

Am about to go hiking with Willa and friend Mike, then probably filling the house with healthy food (parents eat out every night, trying to convince them to let me cook at home) and then seeing a movie with the lovely Beck and Justin.