I guess it’s obvious that I’m having an amazing time at home because my writings have become sparse. A few quick notes on the past few days:

  1. I went to a party that one of FaveDave’s friends was throwing. The people there were awesome, and I really got along with these two girls in particular. They asked me and F.D. to come to a party out in Manyunk with them later that night. We went (torrential downpour the whole drive there!) and I had a blast. Dave, on the other hand, drank a bit too much. He doesn’t remember any full memory from anything after the first party, and I ended up taking him home and going back alone to the second party with the girls. At the second party I met a guy- he was adorable, smart, fun to talk to. We had a great time talking most of the night, and I felt stupid for not giving him my number that night. I’m having lunch with those two girls later this week, and one of them is passing my number along to him. He had talked about meeting up later this week, and the girls told me later that he was talking about how he was into me.
  2. Had giant fight with parents and brother. Brother stole my sunglasses out of my car and I found them hidden in the glove compartment of his car, and rightfully got angry. When I came into the house and explained the situation, she told me that I didn’t have a reason to get angry. I stormed upstairs (again, rightfully) and he lied and said that he was “borrowing” them. They are women’s glasses. He is doing a lot of drugs lately. My mother acts oblivious. I tried to sit down and talk it out with my parents later when I had calmed down, but my mom said that I was just trying to act like a Psychologist because I had taken a few classes and was trying to analyze him. It got to a point where I told them both that I would be moving out immediately- I even considered moving in with my Oma but I would have to leave my dogs.  Things seemed a lot calmer today. It’s too bad that I will have no relationship with him in the future because of this.
  3. Saw the movie “Bug” with Ian today. It was one of the worst films I have seen in a long time. I understand that a lot of reviews are stating it as astoundingly earthbreaking, but I didn’t see it. Everyone in our theatre was laughing and the majority of people walked out. To be kind, the first half hour or so wasn’t as bad. And I also had a great time hanging out with Ian.
  4. Was out at this great bar with Becky in Old City the other night. Was having a great time, but for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about PK. I know that I won’t stop thinking about him for a long time because I’ve gone through this in the past, but I keep hoping that it is easier this time. I still feel such an intense longing for him, and I still feel like we’re going down the wrong path being apart. Like we’re supposed to be together. I want to think that he is missing me this much too, that he’s still thinking of me every day on his way to work like he said he did.