Went to that bar again with Beck and some of her friends. Was having a good time and all, but still can’t unwrap my mind from PK. I love that bar, but something about that place exacerbates every memory of him.

To be honest, I’m quite miserable about him. Everything is fine when I have something occupying my attention, but when I have a few moments to think it turns to him. I know more than anything that I want to be with him.

I have this journal that I write notes in, little quotes or bits of stories or descriptions that I come across. Random, really, but I love carrying it with me. I found a bit from last summer, a quote that Ian had said to me: “If he asked you right now, would you marry him?” To which I responded, “He would never say that, he will never change. But if he did, yes, I would.”

That is probably a bad sign right there. Must try to get mind off of him.