This weekend was pretty amazing. Started on Friday, when I met up with Alie for one of our dinner dates. We get in about three of these a year- once each for my birthday, her birthday, and Christmas. We always order the same thing, and then spend the dinner catching up. We had a great time as always. I then was planning on meeting up with Ian for a movie, but plans went sort of haywire. Our friend Mike (actually more of an acquaintance) just landed a pretty good job, and wanted to go swimming in the Pine Barrens in celebration. I also got calls from Becks and Brian, so I threw on a bathing suit and picked the two of them up before driving to Ian’s house to get him. On the way there it started raining- hard- so plans changed again and we ended up meeting Mike for a movie. I hated it- I hate thinking about pregnancy and abortions and all of that, so instead I tried to curl up and sleep through it.

The next night was Meredith’s graduation party. Her parents rented out the aquarium and the entire party was fabulous. The food was great, it was open bar, and all of my closest friends were there. We spent the evening drinking cocktails in the shark tunnel, whiskey sours and tequila sunrises with this swimming overhead:


The night ended with a bit of drama over at Mer’s house, when a belligerent Ian became his usual asshole self (see: Ian Chronicles) and said some stuff to me. I left the party to avoid it, but ended up going back to help FaveDave deal with him later on.

The next morning I got up early with my dad to go see Nat race out in PA. My dad raced for Kelly’s Ride the day before and he is big into biking, so it was nice for him to meet one of my friends that has the same interest. Nat is a pretty intense biker, and did fairly well racing. We took him out for lunch after (he got two meals!) and I think my dad is now obsessed with him. He kept asking me if Nat has a girlfriend, and then when I told him no he asked why I’m not dating him. The entire ride home he pestered me about that. I didn’t even go into telling him about Nat and my complicated relationship.

Last night I went out with Bri and Mer to play pool, nice and relaxing night, then went out for a big breakfast with Bri this morning. He’s heading back up to Rhode Island today, so probably won’t see him for a couple more weeks.