Friday- I found out that I got the internship that I wanted, starting in August. I also talked to the head of the graduate program that I applied for and she’s pretty sure that I’m in. To celebrate, I went out with Mike for the afternoon- he lives down at the shore during the summers so I only see him sporatically when he drives back for work. I had this strange obsession that afternoon with getting a new pet, not really sure why. We went over to the pet store and I was fascinated with the geckos- I had one last year that PK gave me. We then walked by the adoption center, where you could adopt pets that had been dropped off or abandoned. And I found him. His name is Ben, he was the sweetest thing in the world. Cuddled right into the nook of my arm and settled there. I hate to say what type of animal he is because I understand the negative views often affiliated…he’s a rat. I bought a great cage, all of the necessary things, and brought him home. He’d been left outside of the store in a cardboard box with a note basically explaining that the owner had to move and couldn’t re-home him. Sadly, I am in love with a rat.

On Saturday I went for a long run in the morning and then met up with Mandy and some other friends in the evening. Mandy’s been having a rough time lately- her mom was hospitalized with a disease that basically has paralyzed her legs and left side of her body, and doctors say that it could be permanent. The steroids that they have her on have made her terribly mean, and the ever-sweet Mandy has been getting the hard end of it from her mom. Mandy also broke up with her boyfriend the night before, which didn’t help the situation. Was a good time for friends to come in for a night of drinks. I was the first one there, so we had some good time to talk before everyone else got there. Jenna got there next, the Zoey. Then a bunch of guys that I’ve never met before. Three of them seemed sort of like meatheads- they kept talking about how often they work out, how they hate fast food, how much they lift. The other guy was incredibly sweet, and we really hit it off. We talked for a long time at Mandy’s place, and then when we all decided to go to the bar he jumped into the passenger seat of my car. The entire drive to the bar, he was reeling through my ipod, happily exclaiming every band that he liked, and then pointing out how much of this we had in common. Hmmm. We got to the bar and he stayed by my side for most of the night, and we talked about how he’d lived in Germany and our favorite sports teams. I got up to go to the bathroom at one point and Jenna drunkenly pulled me aside: “T really likes you, you should kiss him. I can tell, T never talks to girls like this.” I laughed it off.

When I got back, people were getting ready to head to the next bar. The guy had just walked somewhere, so I waited for him outside to let him know we were leaving. He again jumped in my passenger seat with the ipod, and we got to the next bar. Where I realized that I’d left both my credit card and ID at the last bar. Shit. He came back out to my car in the parking lot, and wrote out directions on a scrap of paper to get back, all the while leaning in towards me. I sort of pulled away, thanked him, and then jumped in the car. Oops.

Turns out he wrote down the wrong directions. I spent a good half hour driving in the wrong direction, and then another half hour driving back to Mandy’s apartment and going the exact way we went there originally. Leaving the bar after getting my license, I got pulled over.  My headlight keeps going on and off, and it happened to be momentarily off. Was too tired to go back to the bar, but apparently he was asking about me. All night.

Am about to go to the gym with Mandy, then back to her house for tacos. Will talk to her about it. I don’t even really think I’m interested anymore. I mean, in a relationship in general. I’m happy not dealing with it. I’m nowhere near over PK. I have enough stress in my life.