I wrote a few days back about that guy that I met, T. He was friends of friends, and we really hit it off. We ended up talking every day, at first emailing, and then switching to IM, then even to phone calls. We did the whole “talk about our families” and the “talk about what we have in common” bits, and it was really sweet. And then we made plans to meet up this past Sunday to go to the Phillies game.

I left on Friday for New York, his last words to me being “don’t forget about our date on Sunday!” When I was at a barbeque with friends on Saturday, he called me to see that plans were still on.

I got home from the barbeque and got a message from one of T and my mutual friends, Mandy. We talked for a bit, and then I asked her what T’s deal was. To which she responded “I gotta tell you, he and J [another mutual friend of ours] hooked up Friday night.”

Excuse me? Yeah. Despite having a date set up with me, and despite (as I’ve heard from others) talking about me nonstop for the past week, and despite talking to me for the past week, he went and hooked up with one of my girlfriends. And then still called me the next day to see if we were on.

I didn’t go on Sunday. He doesn’t know that I know, and I loved the fact that he was emailing me today to ask how everything went, if I’d be at a party on Friday night, and when he could see me next.