I don’t have a job. I don’t have classes. Hell, I don’t have any responsibilities whatsoever besides walking our dogs throughout the day. So of course I needed a night away with my girls!

We left Tuesday night for Atlantic City, which is dangerously (gloriously)  less than an hour away from where we live. We stopped off at Mer’s beach house (gorgeous, gorgeous house), where we were staying for the night, to try on various sexy outfits. We jumped in a cab and headed over to Borgata.

After one try at a bar (they rejected my license because it was expired…oops) we found our bar for the night by the pounding sound of a cover band. We pranced in to the delight of the pack of businessmen surrounding the bar, and we immediately hit on. Nice. We grabbed our first round of shots and found our seats near the band. Spent the night drinking various drinks and shots, dancing and singing, and flirting with the band. I also spent a good hour arguing with the lead singer of the band because he was a Mets fan- we made a bet on next weeks games.

We ended up getting a cab ride home and having a late night (3:30 in the morning) eating in the kitchen, then curling up to drunkenly watch one of those home remodeling shows on tv before crawling downstairs to go to bed.

The next morning we woke early and headed down the beach and spent the afternoon sprawled out on the sand and slowly (it was cold!) getting into the water. We stopped back at Mer’s house to pack and then got a quick lunch at a place downtown, where I had the best burrito ever. And we spent a good 20 minutes recalling all of the murders in the movie Seven.

Our hour drive back was the two of them sleeping (though they both deny sleeping) and listening to music with the windows rolled down.