As I posted earlier, best friend Jenny and I got tickets to the Phils game for yesterday. It was the perfect day for a baseball game and- aside from Jenny’s constant complaining about climbing steps (she had worked out with her trainer the day before)- we had a great time.


We got to our seats, which were admittedly high (hey, they sold out early! and I’m cheap!) but we had a great view of the skyline…


…and the field.


Bonus was that we got to sit next to this guy. When we actually sat down, I turned to his friend and asked if the Hot Dog had lost a bet. He laughed and said yes, but it turns out he was lying. Apparently the guy just likes hot dogs. We then spent a good portion of the game trying to secretly photograph him. The moment that this picture snapped he caught one, and then said if I wanted a damn picture, I could just ask.


I got a great picture of Jen’s boyfriend up to bat…


And one of my boyfriend on the large screen.