Xander went home to shower, then came back over. With backpacks simply filled with water bottles and a map we jumped into my car. He was hungry, so we drove over to a diner (yes, we live in New Jersey) for a quick lunch and a chance to pore over the map. We originally intended to drive up to Live Earth, but decided against it last minute in favor of an adventure.

I pointed out some places I wanted to go simply based off names: Oyster Creek, Double Trouble State Park. He chowed down on greasy hash browns and eggs while I devoured the names of the lighthouses along the coast. Our waiter asked us where we were going, Xan smiled and simply said “On an adventure.”

Back in the car, we decided to put away the map and just drive, windows down, music playing. It’s such a strange feeling- I’ve been spending so much time with someone that I’m just reconnecting with. We sang along to music for a bit, then switched over to listen to comedians. Xan was pretty set on going to the shore, despite neither of us having on a bathing suit, so we drove east. A bit later, we found ourselves on Pelican Island and then in Seaside Heights.


It was the perfect time to get to the beach- it was late afternoon so the sun wasn’t as hot, the people were thinning out, and the beach taggers had long gone home. We sat in the sand talking and watching the surfers in the waves, then walked along the water with jeans rolled and sandals in hand. We weren’t there for long, but it was refreshing.

In our way of falling into ruts, we listened to comedians and talked about relationships on the way home. I told him about my relationship with The Coach, and about my terrible attempt at a one night stand with The Battery. We talked shortly about PK too, but I didn’t answer his questions and changed the subject quickly.

It’s strange to be able to spend time with someone that you once felt so much for. I look at him now and don’t feel that sexual attraction that we used to have. We are turning out to be completely different people, though still good friends. It won’t ever be back to what it was, but it’s nice to know that we can get along like this.