I got my NYPD scores back today from the NYPD exam I took a few weeks back. I had expected to do at least moderately well, considering some of the people that were nearby (yes, I judged!). After we had taken the exam we were allowed to write down our answers on a pink sheet of paper. The department put up the answer sheet online today, so I hastily printed them out (they had a different answer key for each time slot that had gone- I was Saturday AM)  and then began to check my answers against the key. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Right? I almost peed myself, but then realized that I was checking my answers against the wrong answer key. Brilliant.

So I did well. Really well. In fact, I scored in the upper third percentile for the exams from that weekend. Considering that there were probably at least a few hundred people taking the exam, I feel really good about that.

I was so pumped that I took a break from studying to go to the gym with Mandy, where my adrenaline kick had me run for an hour. It was the strangest runner’s high I’ve ever had- I didn’t even feel tired at the end, just hot.

And the studying that I took a break from? I’m taking the GRE’s tomorrow at 8 am. Am a bit nervous, but have been draining the contents of the practice workbooks into my brain for the past few days. And directly after, I will empty my brain of a good portion of the words and fractions that I will never, ever use again.