Um, hi. How’ve I been? Great, you know, getting into my GRAD SCHOOL PROGRAM THAT I REALLY, REALLY WANTED.

Can you tell I’m a little bit excited? This is my new school:


I wasn’t all that excited Tuesday morning, in fact it was the first time that my life was such a debacle before eight am. I was signed up to take my GREs at eight in the morning, and had readily gotten up, dressed nicely, and listened to Victory on repeat (I have a friend from college who swears that it is impossible to fail a test after listening to that song, regardless of how little one studied for said test). I drove to the testing site, which was probably about a fifteen minute drive from my house, and got there a half hour early. We had to sign some pledge that we wouldn’t cheat, that we were who we claimed to be, yadda yadda. I gave the woman all of my information, she asked for my license. At 8:05 she starts walking me into the testing room when she stops and goes “oh wait, we can’t take this license, it’s expired. Sorry, you can’t test today.” Um, excuse me? I just paid $130 to go through hell, and you’re telling me I can’t even go through that hell? I freaked, mildly, and demanded other options. She said I could use my passport, which was conveniently located in my purse…at home. She told me that I had twenty minutes to get home and back before I was cut off for the day. I was driving about 90 miles an hour home, sans license, when I hit traffic on the highway- there was an accident at my exit. I finally made it home after calling my lovely friend FaveDave and crying to him. He calmed me down, made me breathe, then made me speed my little butt back to the testing site.

I was ten minutes late. Luckily, after some begging (read: demanding), the woman allowed me into the testing room.

The test itself? Worse than hell. It is painfully designed to be difficult because it wants to challenge you at all times. Which sucks, seeing as how I had words with eight syllables and math problems that made me tear up a little.

I finished in three hours, and surprisingly my score wasn’t bad. It was actually rather good.  I rushed home again and emailed the head of the department with my score. Received a return email the next day saying that my scores were way above what they expected and that I was a definite for the program.

On top of all of this, I also got an interview with my high school crew team to be an assistant coach. It won’t exactly pay the bills, but I want to coach more some day, even if just at a high school level. Plus, all of the coaches were the ones who trained me, who raced with me around the country, who went to nationals with me. It’s going to be great working with them on a different level now.

I went out last night with Mandy, Zoey, Ian and some others to celebrate last night at a local bar. We ended up staying late, getting so drunk that we stumbled home (well, I stumbled the three blocks home). The bartender had been giving me free drinks, and his friend bought me a shot to celebrate. I thought he was cute until he mentioned that he was 42 (I could have sworn he was 28!) and a grandfather (um, no). All in all though, it was a great night out celebrating.

Edit: I need to add in a quick memory from last night. One of the guys from our group was showing me his Blackberry because I happen to be ob-freakin’-sessed with them. He was even letting me text to someone he called “Bobby”. I sent him some sassy text message, and the kid started laughing. He was laughing so hard he could barey spit out “You just sassed Congressman Andrews!” Oops.