Ian and I drove over to the Phillies game yesterday to meet up with a bunch of our friends (Actually, we stood outside the third base entrance for about ten minutes before Ian called Owen on my phone while standing on a giant block to see over everyone. Turned out that Owen was about 20 feet away standing on the same long block.) Ian waited outside for Dan and Dave and one of Dave’s other friends while Joe, Owen and I got our seats. The theme of the game seemed to be “10,000 losses“, which was a pretty terrible way to mark the game.

A bunch of frat-type guys sat down directly next to me and became immediate friends. They were obliterated- stumbling into their seats, sloshing their “water” and cranberry juices down. I scolded the one for talking badly about Burrell, then put my vote on him for the game (which I would later win around the fifth when Mark, the guy next to me, forfeited.)

When Dave, Ian, Dan and Dave’s friend finally got to our seats they all decided to have Dan sit next to me. Dan and I have a mixed relationship. I’d say it’s love-hate, but not really to either of those extremes. We bicker constantly, make fun of each other on a regular basis. Stayed true throughout the game too- whenever I’d cheer on a player he’d boo the same guy. 

After I got a little sloshed on vodka and cranberry juice with the guys next to me, the one turned and asked for my number. He was cute and fun and I considered it for a second. But before I could say yes I blurted out some lie, told him that Ian was my quasi-boyfriend and that I think he’d be uncomfortable seeing that. I don’t know why I did that, but oh well.

We left at the top of the eight, the Phils had a huge lead and we figured we’d get to the bar early. Headed back to a bar a few blocks from Dave and Dan’s place. It was this Mexican fusion type of a place, where we sat at this tucked away table and drank beer (well, everyone but me) and ate wings (again, everyone but me). The conversation got sordid at several points, and it was sweet of Dan to point out that I was chewing all of the ice out of my glasses of water. We talked about jobs and money too, where I basically felt fucked. Most of them are engineers and starting out with a rather large salary. I’m probably going to end up living in a box of an apartment with my dog and books eating Ramen noodles. Despite that, we had a great night out.