Crap! I was just writing this long-winded post about how I wasn’t dead, how I’d just been busy starting a new job.

I interviewed at a few labratories, at a law office, and ended up instead deciding that I wanted to work at this adorable cafe in Philadelphia. It’s the perfect fit for me: my coworkers are a lot of fun- obscure, but generally good people- and I get all the free drinks that I want. The cafe is also dog- friendly, so a lot of our customers come in with dogs that we then heap with bowls of ice water and dog biscuits and kisses.

Habibi came in to visit me yesterday while I was working, bringing his dog with him- He’d been at the park a block down with the pup. It was so good to see him, and it’ll be easier to see him now that I work two blocks away from his place.

He’s going to be one of my few remaining people staying here. FaveDave moved to Germany this past weekend- he’ll be living there for the next year before moving to South Carolina. Jordan moved to Massechusetts two weeks ago, so I’m probably only going to see him when he visits at home now. Mer leaves for vet school in Texas in two weeks, Ian to Norway, then New York in the same time. It’s sad really, that everyone is sort of dispersing all over the world now. Jen is constantly traveling for work, and I haven’t seen her for three weeks. Beck is constantly working, so it’s been at least four since I’ve seen her.

And now my own schedule is getting pretty packed. I have work constantly now, I’ll be coaching in the mornings in the fall and spring and in the afternoon during the winter. And then classes at night. But Habibi had great advice on this last night: “Right now it’ll feel like your stomach is full of worms, that your life will never sort out and have a rhythm. But it will, it will all sort out.”