The Good: I was out shopping with Alie today when I got a call on my cell- a number I didn’t recognize. It turned out to be the president of the crew team that I’d rowed for in high school. I had sent them a resume about a month back and had been speaking with my old coach about taking on a coaching job under them. The president asked me if I could do an impromtu interview today, and we scheduled. I walked over to his house, which is luckily only a few blocks away, and sat with him in his living room talking about crew. He asked me a lot about my experiences with it, said that they were looking for someone with both rowing and coxing experience, that the levels that I’ve raced at are higher than they had expected. He asked me to coach for them on the spot, and I accepted.

Granted it’s not the greatest paying job, but it’s a sport that I love. I’m going to be working with novice women, so I’ll be with them practicing every day. I have to renew my boating license, but then I’ll start with the practices in a few short weeks. I really couldn’t be happier- how many people can say that they will enjoy waking up at 4 am every morning to coach kids?

The Bad: OK, well I guess this isn’t bad per se, but I’m about to head up to our family cabin for the week. It’s in the middle of the Adirondacks, right on the shores of a beautiful, serene lake. On the other sides, it’s surrounded by mountains with plenty of hiking and running trails. The town itself is tiny, with only a one room schoolhouse to take on the year-round kids. Sound nice? Now imagine that cabin- with it’s five bedrooms and beautiful view- with my parents, brother, oma, my oma’s best friend, grandmother, and step-grandfather. The grandmother and my mother don’t get along, my mother and my oma (her mother) have been fighting for the past month, my mother also hates my step-grandfather, and my mother and I have been bickering for the past week. I’m also leaving my dogs at home for the week, which is already freaking me out. And worse? No internet or phones. I’m going to come home and Clink will have eloped to Paris, or Molly will be in jail for having killed a tan, petite, jet black-haired woman with the heel of her (very lovely) shoe, or KLC will have gotten engaged. WHAT IF? Cabin fever, here I come.

The Ugly: I’ve been considering getting my hair cut for several weeks, but have never been sure of what I actually want done. I knew I wanted those cute sidelong bangs that sweep across the forehead, but I also know that haircuts that I like on paper NEVER look good on me. It’s a time-tested fact.

I went over yesterday on a whim with a picture in my hand and asked for it. The woman laughed and said “That’ll be a breeze!” and started chopping away. When she finished, I looked in the mirror. It wasn’t at all what I’d asked for, and I pointed that out. “Well, I left your bangs a little longer than you’d asked for because it looks better this way.” They weren’t bangs, they tucked behind my ear. They fit in a low ponytail. I asked her to trim a bit more off, and she told me to sleep on it. So I did.

The next morning? Still hated it. After lunch and shopping with Alie I swung back over to the salon and told them that I wanted a fix. I showed the next girl the picture that I wanted, and she said pretty much the same thing as the first woman. “This cut is so easy!” She again snipped away, and voila! I hated it. Now I have bangs that, again, look nothing like what I asked for. Any suggestions on how I can fix it? I figure for now I’m just going to pin them up a’ la Fergie Hump/Faux Hawk.