A coworker of mine was browsing through a magazine that someone had absent mindedly left at the cafe this morning when she came across the usual horoscopes section in the back. “What’s your sign?” she asked, and I told her. She read mine aloud and, despite never really being much of a believer, I was sort of thrown off. It kept talking about how my life was hectic, but in the next few weeks it would become also impossible. It said that major decisions would be thrown at me and I’d have to make spur of the moment decisions on all of them. It also said that the one person who is back and forth in my life would play a major part in the coming months.

Perhaps it was the lack of sleep and lack of food, but everything seemed to fit. You see, I mentioned before that I had my medical exam for the NYPD on Friday. I had to close the cafe the night before, and the interview was set up for 6:30 am in Queens. In perhaps one of my most fickle moments I decided it would be nice to see PK as well. So I made plans with him to drive straight there after work and then relay to my medical interview from there.

Work was fine really, but we didn’t finish closing until midnight. I had parked my car in a lot a block off from the cafe, but they had moved it to another garage three blocks north. After getting all the way there, the man working at the second garage was unable to find my car. Not only did he speak on his phone for the entire time, he took 45 minutes to find my car after making me prove that the keys behind his head (the ones with the keychain for my college) were mine and then made me pay again because I didn’t have proof of having already paid.

Two hours later, I was meeting a waiting PK to go up to his apartment. Seeing him felt good, but also really confusing. I didn’t feel the same that I had before, but there was still the same level of caring for him. And there was still the same chemistry between us.

In the morning I threw on my black suit paired with ballet slippers and was walked by a sleepy PK to the train. The meeting center was about a half hour off and, despite being early, stood in line behind about twenty others. In the main room there were a total of 66 people, of which only 7 were women. We were fingerprinted before proceeding into massive amounts of informational paperwork. For a steady three hours we filled out information on ourselves- whether we’d done drugs, what tattoos we had and what they represent, our medical history, our education. We then had four more examinations- one for hearing, eyesight, blood pressure, and physical. The first three were individual and I scored perfectly on each. Not that it mattered, because the girl beside me has 20/400 vision and “passed” the eyesight exam.

The group physical was the bit I talked about earlier, only worse. We were all brought into a room where we were given a slip of paper (they called it a gown, but it was the size of a small towel), and asked to take off everything above our waist. Not exactly covering anything when the doctors rip the gowns off to the side to stick electrodes on your ta-tas. We basically all saw each other naked, which was highly discomforting, but I guess it was a good thing that I was the tiniest girl there. I would say that four of our seven were at least overweight, if not obese. We then had to go down to skivvies and do the stretching, which wasn’t so much stretching as perverse Simon Says: “Touch your toes, ok now everyone hop on your left foot, right.”  He asked two women to stay in the room, let the rest of us leave.

Back in our seats we were excited to leave. I was excited to get back to PK’s bed, when one of the women called me up to the front of the room. She handed me a piece of paper and said “Medical review.” Out of all of the people there (and despite being the only women there who wasn’t obese, doesn’t have heart issues, or smokes on a regular basis), I was the only one put on medical review for having been sick last year and for having had knee problems three years ago. I tried to tell her that I run just about every day, that my knees are fine, but she snapped me eyes that basically told me to stop arguing.

Back at PK’s place I moped. I tried to watch tv but couldn’t think straight. Then I snapped at him for misunderstanding what he was texting to me. I finally crawled into his bed with his oversized baseball shirt on where he found me a few hours later.

That night was awesome. We met up with two of his guy friends and one of their girlfriends to go bowling. We had an interesting conversation with the bowling alley bartender, who swore up and down that I was born to save lives and that Princeton was after him on papers that he wrote on psychology (PK scoffed when the bartender followed that up by admitting to never having read a book). We bowled, drank, and had fun.

I didn’t get home until late, mostly because on the drive home my gas tank cracked and started spilling gas. I couldn’t even sleep when I got home, started worrying about school and the academy, PK and work. Work wasn’t much better, but the guy from the other day came back in to ask me out himself. I’m not sure what to do with all of that, or even if I want to keep up this dating thing. In the next few weeks I’m going to have to sort all of this out, sort out work and school and every other stressor in my life. For now, I’m going catch up on sleep.