I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but that guy that came into the cafe the other day. Quick recap: he and his friend came in and chatted with me while I got their orders, they ate and left. The girl he was with came back in and said that he had been talking about me a lot but didn’t have the nerve to ask me out himself. So he finally did get the nerve and came back to ask me out, and I said sure.

 We played phone tag today, and finally just reached each other. We decided to go see a movie tomorrow, a comedy (SUPERBAD!) so I think that bit will be fun. But I’m actually kind of nervous. I mean, does he pick me up? Do I pick him up since he’s on the way to the theater? Or do we just meet there? Who pays? What the freak am I going to wear?

Ok, just writing that made me completely nervous. Forget the fact that I’m going to my first graduate school class tonight, I’m more nervous about my date tomorrow. Any help?