So. The date didn’t go anything like I expected at all. All of my expectations were basically based off of friends horror stories, so I guess I expected him to be a creep, for there to be awkward fumbling with everything, and for us to have nothing to talk about. Thankfully it didn’t go this way.

 I got there a little early (thanks for the clothes suggestions!) and read while I was waiting. I was actually nervous because I simply remembered him looking cute, but not exact details as to what he looked like. We found each other though and it wasn’t awkward at all. He did all of the dating moves- paid (even though I tried!), held open all of the doors, and had me walk in front of him. We got along so well that we were the awful people that talk during the previews. The movie itself was great but ended kind of early, so we decided to go over to the bar afterwards.

Again, he did the driving, the paying, the door opening bits, which I can’t really recall any guys actually doing before. There was a band playing covers of all typical New Jersey bar songs (Journey? Bon Jovi?) so we screamed at each other over all of it. He’s working towards his secondary education certification, we read the same books, listen to the same music. We had the same views on everything that we talked about. He even laughed at my crazy quirks (that I have a rat, that I don’t like babies).

We headed back after the band finished a Modern English song, and took the long route so we could talk more. And then it got to the goodbye. I had been freaking about this bit the entire night because, you know, what if he kisses me? And it was in that moment that I started thinking of PK. Maybe because he’s comfortable and I don’t have to worry about the awkwardness of first kisses and holding hands. Or maybe because I really do love him. Whatever the case, I was thinking of him as the guy was talking about plans for Saturday night. I couldn’t remember if I was working on Saturday, or if I wanted to keep going with the new guy, so I nodded and said I’d call him when I knew my schedule. We didn’t kiss, just smiled.

I got home and had a text from him thanking me for a great night, that I’m beautiful, and that he wants to go out again. And now I’m sort of stuck on whether to stick with my comfort or to try something new. To try a relationship that even in its early stage seems healthier than what I’m used to, or to keep trying with someone I feel I’m good with.