I keep waiting for this week to slow down, but it’s not. I’ve had a continuous flow of work, class, practice and homework, all of which have been major stressors. It didn’t help that I had a huge presentation for my Terrorism class last night- which thankfully went really well (my professor said that my presentation was on par with what would be expected at the FBI). It also doesn’t help that today is my first coaching practice with the head coach (scary!) and that tomorrow is my birthday.

I’ve sort of had a string of bad birthdays. Well, I guess not bad, but they’ve never been outrageously fun like I always expect them to be. I always get wary around my birthday because I always have high expectations around my birthday, if that makes any sense. The forecast for tomorrow isn’t exactly promising either- I have to work the closing shift at the cafe, all of my friends have plans, PK seems to be nonexistant right now, I’m afraid to push things with the new guy (wouldn’t spending my birthday with him be too serious too soon? Not okay with that.) Even my ever-loving parents are going to be away.

So seeing as how today has been really my first chance to relax in a bit, I made my laundry list of things that I would get myself for my birthday if money weren’t an issue. This is not including PK on my doorstep. Or this apartment.