I can never remember the philosopher that wrote about how things were always grouped in threes. I remember The Boy From Class telling me about it but I was probably imagining kissing him and forgot the name. Whatever the case, three amazing things have happened this weekend.

1. I had my first real race as a coach today. If had gone badly, I probably wouldn’t have this on my list of good things. My girls 8 went off in the afternoon and we walked into it knowing that they wouldn’t get in the top three;the dominant team in the area had three boats in their race. We were expecting at best for them to get seventh. After all we have about five fairly good rowers and three not-so-good rowers, all of whom are smaller than the girls they are competing against. I only saw their finish but they ended up pulling 4th place after the three dominant boats.

2. The New Guy called me and left me a message when I was in work yesterday. I decided not to rush to call him back, but I did listen to his message. It simply said that he wanted to talk, that he thought we were both confused, and that he missed me. I finally called him back today, feeling weirdly confident after my girls’ race. We had an awkward greeting and caught up on how our lives were, and then both fell silent. I finally said straightforward how I feel- that I like him, that I don’t want to rush forward into a relationship, that I don’t have time for a full-out boyfriend. But I also told him that I just got out of a shitty quasi-relationship that was based on sex without exclusivity and that I didn’t want it to become that. We decided to keep hanging out and see where things are going, but also that he isn’t ready for a steady relationship.

3. This happened:


“Believe it, Philly. The Fightin’ Phils are going to the playoffs. Considered all-but-out of contention just 2 1/2 weeks ago, the Philadelphia Phillies overcame a huge deficit in the standings, caught the Mets and won their first NL East title since 1993 on the final day.”

It almost makes me want to call PK just to say “how about dem apples?” Almost.