I still have this one-track mind going on. I want so badly to talk about my situation, and it’s probably the must frustrating experience I’ve come across not being able to.

I took all of your advice and talked to a few close friends about it. Two of my best girlfriends were livid with me, one of them went as far as to say that she can’t believe I’m the person she’s friends with. The other has been taking it in stride, has talked to me several times about it, but is still reprimanding me for it. I also talked to a close guy friend, Ian. He congratulated me. Since none of you know Ian, I’ll explain that that’s a bad thing. It’s safe to say that Ian has few morals, if any.

I wish I had something to talk about, something better to think about. That’ll be my process for tomorrow, but for today I’m going to work on sorting this mess out.