I’ve had sort of a wild week, topped off with what can only be explained as a wild weekend. On Friday, Brian and I met up with a bunch of people we knew from high school. Two of them are in the army: one just returned from Iraq, another is preparing to ship out soon. Obviously we drank, and we drank hard. I had sworn that I wasn’t going to be drinking more than a beer that night, but somehow ended up playing pool and doing shots with a few guys that I met at the bar that night, smacking each others’ asses for good luck.

The next morning (after a lovely four hours of drunken sleep) I showered and drove down to Maryland to visit my college for the first time since I graduated. Maybe it was the fact that my Jeep is dripping gas or maybe I was so overcome with emotion, but I felt woozy driving down the main street of town. I passed the place where I went to my first college party, passed an old boyfriend’s apartment, passed my own old apartment. I had made Nick swear that the entire day was saved for me. After all, I haven’t seen him since May, and that’s an incredibly long time to go without someone you used to spend every day with. I got to his apartment, rang the door bell, and stood there smiling like an idiot for about twenty seconds and another two doorbell rings before I realized he wasn’t home. About five minutes later he walked around the corner with his girlfriend. Just to be clear, I hate this girlfriend. A little bit of back-story: she used to date a friend of mine and one of Nick’s best friends, and at that time told that friend that he wasn’t allowed to see me. She pulled the same stunt with Nick for awhile until I told him to man up.

Nick and I leave her (she said that she didn’t want to come out with us for the day, though I nicely offered) to go pick up Lars. The three of us then drive to their favorite wing place and spend the next two hours eating amazing bar food and drinking Leinies. The conversation could not have been better, and I kept wiping the tears from my eyes from laughing too hard and realizing how much I missed them both.

On the way back, Lars and I decide it was two o’clock, therefore time to go to the bar. We drop back off at Nick’s place, who then says that he has to see his girlfriend for a bit but will meet us there in twenty minutes. Uh, you see her every night. You practically live together now. At this point she was sitting outside in her car waiting for us to leave, so we did. Lars and I get to the bar, order a pitcher, and then decide to place bets on how long it’ll take Nick to join us again. We both lost.

An hour and change later he sheepishly walks into the bar, and can tell instantly that I’m mad. I flip out for a little, call him whipped, and reaffirm my hatred for the girl. He tries to shake it off, and I only drop it when The Boy From Class joins us at the bar. I haven’t seen TBFC since earlier this summer, and before that since he kissed me at graduation. It was admittedly a little awkward with Lars and TBFC sitting on either side of me, but they all got along so well. We were having a great time drinking, telling old college stories, having them all tell really embarrassing stories about me, when Nick looks at his phone and says that he has to “go meet the missus for dinner”. I was livid, and ended up barely saying good bye to him when he left.

He called me later when I was back at TBFC’s room (YES!) but I was still angry and told him that we’d talk about it later (plus I was, um, busy.) I still don’t know what to say to him- he’s one of my closest friends and I couldn’t stand the idea of him not being in my life, but if this girlfriend obviously has her own objectives. She’s pushing him towards marriage, and if she gets her way I’ll hardly ever see him again. In fact, I doubt she’d allow me to the wedding.

Despite her, the weekend ended up being absolutely amazing.