I have a good friend that I’ve been spending a lot of time with lately. We’re on the same post-college schedule: working out, going to our jobs, and then going out drinking until late in the night. We both figure that we’ll get “serious” fairly soon, but for now it’s nice to have someone on the same path.

This girl, “Elle”, happens to be extremely lucky. She is gorgeous- tall, leggy, athletic- and also happens to be incredibly rich. Her dad owns a fairly strong business in our area, and she manages a gorgeous (and incredibly tasty) restaurant. Their house is one of those ones out of Home & Garden or Martha Stewart; in fact, I think it’s actually been featured in one of those magazines before. 

The real thing about Elle is that sometimes she gives off the wrong impression. She’s fairly smart, but she has a tendency to do little things that would make her seem, well, not so smart. For instance, she twirls her hair around her finger, sometimes staring vacantly off into the distance. In high school, we used to skip our trigonometry class to go her her house and lay by her pool. We had to “break in” one day, as she forgot her keys and the access numbers to all of the alarm systems (yes, there are multiple). Our break-in proved to be no small feat, but we ended up managing to get in.

She also has said a few tokens of wisdom that have me on the floor laughing:

A few days after the break-in incident, we were back over again (I swear, I have yet to use trigonometry in a real-life situation) and I noticed that her family had bought new couches. Huge, leather couches. “Elle, do you know how many cows it took to make those?” I asked her. She looked over, rolled her eyes, and said “Cows don’t make those, stupid. People do.”

The other day, she and I ran over to Tar-jay to buy a video camera for my work. When we walked in the door, she instantly stopped and confusedly stared at the shelf of Nicorette gum and Commit. The shelf label said “Stop Smoking Aids”. She looks over to me and goes “How do you smoke AIDS?”

Maybe we should stop drinking as much as we do.