1. I just baked, by far, some of the best cookies I’ve ever made. They’re chocolate whoopie cookies with pumpkin cream cheese icing from Martha Stewart. On top of that, I also baked vanilla cupcakes, dyed red, with white vanilla icing and little black pawprints on top. All of this food? My rowers (our school mascot is bulldogs, hence the pawprints) have their final race of the fall season tomorrow. I am, to say the least, a soccer mom in the making. Want to drool? This is what the whoopie cookies ended up looking like:


2. I went down to Maryland to visit TBFC…again. Actually, I left my cell phone at his place accidently and needed it badly for this week. (Side rant: Have you ever gone without a phone for more than, oh, say a day? It’s hard! How did we exist before cell phones?) I got there at 9 and we spent the evening watching the Bo’sox game, then almost the entirety of season three of Arrested Development before falling asleep. The thing is, we sleep together perfectly. I mean, my body sort of melts into the nook of his arm. I’m usually incredibly uncomfortable in those and actually push the guy to the other side of the bed, but with him? It’s awesome. He also started in on he dating comments, which I chose to ignore for the time being. Maybe eventually, but I’m just not ready for it now.

3. In the morning afternoon when I woke up, I went and got lunch with Nick. He sort of apologized for having messed up with me the other day, and we agreed that he would never ditch me for the girlfriend, and that I would not to rant about how much I hate her.

4. On the way home from Maryland I started daydreaming. Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the fact that I was in traffic the entire time, maybe it was the music. From the time that I pulled onto the highway to the time I drove into my driveway I was in one extended daydream. I don’t even think I remember anything about the drive, just about how I imagined dancing with PK.

5. Just because he’s so adorably/annoyingly obsessed with himself, I’ll make note of it. PK is now an “internet sensation”, as he put it. Read about it here.