I took a page out of Blogging Barbie’s book last night: Went to the bar with Elle and some other friends, and then met up with the girl I’m coaching basketball with, the boys coach and another of our friends. I didn’t think that I drank a lot, but I came back home and saw TBFC online. He and I have already had two talks on the phone this week, both of which I ended up getting pissed and told him that I suddenly had to go. So obviously, in my mind, this is a great time to have a talk about where we now stand.

Me: This is awkward
TBFC: Well I didn’t think it was, but then you got weird and stopped talking to me.
Me: Yeah, I got weird
TBFC: And then I started dating [ex girlfriend] again, and then it got awkward.
Me: Oh, so you are? I thought that you were just thinking about it.
TBFC: As of last night. Since nobody talked me out of it.
Me: Well, I guess good luck with all of that.
TBFC: So you’re done talking to me?
Me: I mean, did you know you were getting back together with her when you slept with me?
TBFC: No, not at all. She hadn’t spoken to me in days when we were together.
Me: Then why sleep with me and get back together with her the next week?
TBFC: You made it abundantly clear that our behavior was not indicative of relationship in the standard sense.
Me: I didn’t know what I wanted, but I at least wanted a chance to figure out what I wanted.
TBFC: And didn’t you get back together with Pete like….days after you were with me?
Me: TBFC: 1, Caitlyn: 0
TBFC: Look. Caitlyn. I like you, you’re fun, you’re a little twisted, you’re cute. And had my exgirlfriend not showed up and admitted some pretty impressive stuff, I think nothing would have changed. However, that did occur. And things have changed. I leave this in your hands as to how you would like to proceed.
Me: I kind of just want her to fuck up, is that bad?
TBFC: I’d want a guy to fuck up if it were reversed.
TBFC: Can we still hang out? Maybe we’ll just go to a sports bar and berate the Patriots.


So I wasn’t exactly drunk drunk per se, but I definitely was acting different. He said he was going to call me today to talk about it more, so we’ll see if that actually happens. I really messed up this one… I don’t think the whole friendship thing will pass between us. I obviously didn’t post everything he said for posterity, but the timing is just weird. I think that after we hooked up he was waiting for me to react, and that I really messed things up by going to see Pete the next week. He figured hat out and then within days was back with his girlfriend.