Yesterday started out great. I got up early and walked the dogs, ran a few miles and lifted at the gym, then had an amazing basketball practice. That’s when I got the call from Andy.

Andy is the head coach of the crew program, I was his assistant coach. We have a really strange relationship where we actually would go to bars after practices, hang out in our hotel rooms after their races. We’d text and email almost every day during the season. And then out of nowhere everything stopped. He canceled practices, he canceled our end-of-the-season barbecue. He stopped answering his phone, emails, texts. We couldn’t get in contact with him. The other coaches and I ended up a clean-up without him, and I texted him from it to let him know we were cleaning the boathouse. An hour into it I got a response from him saying he was at a home inspection (he’s in the process of getting a new house) and that he didn’t care if they fired him. Oh god.

So it weirded me out yesterday when we were in the secretary’s office trying to beg for money for new uniforms (Side note: They gave us the money! And for both home AND away uniforms!) and I feel my phone vibrating. I walk into the hallway to answer it and I can tell immediately that something is wrong. “I resigned,” he says. I stop listening because to be honest I didn’t really want to hear what he had to say. He gave the girls high expectations as to what their season would be and ruined it for them. I didn’t want to hear him drone on and on about how hard his work life was, how his relationship is falling apart, how he needs to find a house. He took- no, he demanded this job- full well knowing what he was getting into. “So, what are you thinking?” I’m in a hallway full of children and all I wanted to do was scream. Curse. Tell him that he’s fucked up. I explain that to him. “Are you sure this isn’t more of a personal thing, Caitlyn?” I hung up on him. Professional, right?

The other coach called me today, explaining that he wasn’t positive but that he is fairly sure that he’s going to be replacing Andy. This other coach already travels for stretches of time, is already loaded with plenty of work to do. He explains that I’m going to need to complete a ton of paperwork to become an actual coach, not just an assistant. I was hoping for at least a year of assistant work before moving up but the situation is kind of thrusting me in there.

Note to self for future reference: Never, ever, under any circumstances, hook up with your boss.