Dear J. Crew,

I’ve had a terrible, horrible day that solely consisted of me researching for a 20-40 page threat analysis for al-Qaeda, waking up at 7 am (after being out until 2) for practice, answering numerous phone calls from people wondering what my text messages from last night meant (a friend grabbed my phone and texted just about everyone- including the boss I was hooking up with- varying messages), cleaning for the impending visit from my grandmother, and worrying about how I will pay for this Christmas solely on a coaching salary. Today has been hell. Did I mention the fact that one of my father’s friends demanded taking my phone number last night because he insists on trying to set me up with someone he knows? Did I also fail to mention that said guy- while seemingly nice and fairly normal- called me this afternoon to ask me out without ever having met me?

Of course I looked on the website to calm myself down/ make myself want everything in stock. I drooled over the dresses, salivated while scanning the skirts, gushed over the galoshes. And then? I realized that there is a new section. Dearest J. Crew, you have outdone yourself. Even if the clothes in the new Crew Mutts line weren’t ridiculously adorable, the use of lab puppies alone makes my heart melt a little.





Love always,


PS, speaking of puppy cuteness, I’ll be posting photos tomorrow-ish of my mom’s photo shoot with our own pups, which consisted of Rios hopping onto a chair and Willa hiding in the bushes.