Things I would much rather write about: The fact that my girls’ basketball team’s first game is tomorrow. My conversation with TBFC that occurred last night as his girlfriend is now STALKING me. The disgusting amount of homework that I have to do between now and next Tuesday. How I am petrified to have volunteered to work wrapping gifts for kids at the same hospital where Chris died.

What I am actually writing about: The most adorable things that I own. Why? Because I lost a bet with dearest Peter. You see, I’ve not only joined the ranks of Google Talk (my new love!), but also the fanatics of Scrabulous (OK, my REAL new love!) After Peter convinced me to play a game of Scrabble, I convinced him to put a wager on it. I’m a saucy little minx stupid like that. Despite the fact that my words were always better than his (who uses their last name as an actual word to score 30 some points? This girl), he crushed me. OK, not so much crushed as beat me by a mere five points. It was close, folks. Very close.

Our wager: Winner gets to choose what the loser less-than-winner would post about. Being the sweet jerk that he is, I get to write about the most adorable articles of clothing that I own. Really.


I have this cowl neck in black and adore it.

suit-top.jpg   suit-pants.jpg

This was one of my favorite graduation presents for my parents, a tailored J. Crew suit for interviews. Honestly? I would wear a suit every damn day if they were all like that.

flats-2.jpg   flats.jpg

 I fell in love with the Gap ballet flats this fall and bought about four pairs. These two were my favorites- I have a weird love for calf-hair zebra print things.


Just for you Peter, the white cashmere turtleneck. This is what it feels like to be wrapped up in a cloud.

 There are so many other things that  I wanted to put on here, but those are the most recent ones and still have pictures online. Other things that I love? My Banana Republic jersey t-shirt dress, which looks like I stole an old boyfriend’s long t-shirt and tailored it to my body. My tuxedo shirt from J. Crew. White Calvin Klein trench coat. My tan pea-coat. Maybe I’ll throw pictures of them on here someday, but only if I lose at Scrabble again. Which won’t happen.