68: hours that I went without sleeping or really eating anything, aside from coffee.
23: coffees that I had over the span of the past four days
2: times that the guy selling me coffee asked me to dinner.
2: basketball games that I had to miss so that I could finish my assignment.
1 1/2: inch binder that we could barely fit the assessment into.
4: times the length of my thesis
232: pages in the data analysis and threat assessment of al Qaeda and the FARC that I just turned in.
12: hours that I slept when I came home and passed out.

So there, I’ve had reasoning to be away from this for so long. We were assigned to write a data analysis of al Qaeda and the FARC with a comparison summary for each chapter, fourteen chapters total. The second part of the assessment was to complete a 6 chapter threat assessment of al Qaeda based upon the current geopolitical environment. I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it, feel as though I’ve just had a child (the assignment probably weighed about the same).

And the thing is, I absolutely loved every second of it. My mother’s response to hearing about the assignment was “You are going to end up hating this entire subject.” If anything though, I’ve been dying to keep reading on it. Unfortunately I have one more analytical assignment on Islam and the effect on Islamic terrorist groups before I actually have a breath of free time.